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About Us

December 12, 2019

Our Mission

To provide Texas mathematics teachers with support systems of scientifically researched, sustained, and high intensity professional development and mentoring to assist them in the implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Our programs equip teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to engage students in meaningful mathematics learning experiences. Activities are designed to improve students’ mathematical and technological literacy, and interest to pursue engineering related careers.

Our Goals

The long-range goals of the Regional Collaboratives are to continuously:

  • Enhance the quality of mathematics teaching in Texas through Professional Development Academies and inter-regional collaboration
  • Increase the number of qualified mathematics educators by building the leadership capacity of teachers to mentor and serve a larger number of teachers
  • Improve accountability of the system by evaluating the impact of the professional development on teachers’ knowledge and skills, their performance in the classroom, and on student achievement

Our Values

  • We serve the teachers and students of Texas in Region 2
  • We treasure our people
  • We operate with integrity
  • We reward our partners
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