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Mentor of the Year

December 12, 2019

Mr. Roel Escobar exemplifies the ideal image of a mentor. He has established a record of consistent outreach to his math colleagues and students for many years. Mr. Escobar's contribution of support and development of teachers and students has made a lasting impact on his campus, district, and his fellow teachers. 

Mr. Roel Escobar has shown exceptional leadership through mentoring. Through his involvement in the Texas Regional Collaborative, he brings passion and expertise as a mentor. Leading by example is why this dedicated teacher, Mr. Escobar, is being honored with the 2016-2017 Math Teacher Excellence in Mentoring Award by Region 2

According to Mr. Escobar's colleagues, some of his best qualities include his willingness to share ideas, collaborate and put forth unwavering effort for the improvement of math education for all. 

Mr. Escobar, thank you for successfully preparing our students for the rigor of the math curriculum. Through your consistent innovative thinking, your inspiring approach to teaching, and authentic professionalism in collaborating - YOU make a difference!

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